Transfer Factor Classic 90 Count Bottle

Transfer Factor Classic 90 Count Bottle

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    Transfer Factor Classic Immune Intelligence

    Transfer Factor Classic by 4Life research has been known for years as the best colostrum-based Transfer Factor product for daily immune system support. It contains the original Transfer Factor XF® ingredient for safe and proven immune support.

    Transfer Factor Classic Main Benefits

    • Proven to support your body’s ability to recognize, remember, and respond to past foreign invaders while it promotes efficiency and health within the immune system.


    • Teaches uneducated immune cells about a present or possible danger in your body along with a plan for action. Some people refer to it as Trans Factor.


    • Provides support for the recognition phase of a health threat.


    • Promotes immune balance to your system. Look at the Transfer Factor Research and review the studies that have been done to see how doctors view this product.

    Some people also use this for thier pets. I use this product for my dogs every day as a maintenance program for their immune system. The prodcut has no smell, and no real taste so it is easy for pets to eat and not turn up their nose at a smell or taste. I also have many clients that give this to their children for the same reason.

    What makes TF Classic unique?

    • Transfer factors are extremely small messenger molecules that transfer immunity information from one entity to another, just like a mother and her breast feeding infant.
    • In an independent study, the classic formula raised the Natural Killer (NK) cell activity 204 percent above normal immune response. Remember that Natural Killer cells are on the front lines of your immune system. This formula is different than the "plus" because it also has the unique ability to balance or immune modulation for your immune system response. This is important because an over-reactive immune system is just as dangerous as an under-performing immune system. Conditions such as allergies are due to an over-reactive immune system or better know as an "autoimmune" problem.

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    TF Classic Ingredients

    Transfer Factor XF (a patented concentrate of transfer factors and other natural components from cow colostrum)

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  • Supplemental Facts

    Raise your Immune IQ.®

    Por años 4Life® Transfer Factor Classic ha sido reconocido como el mejor producto basado en el calostro bovino para el respaldo inmunitario diario. 4Life Transfer Factor Classic contiene nuestro ingrediente original de Transfer Factor XF® para ofrecer el respaldo inmunitario seguro y comprobado.
    Beneficios primarios:

    •Apoya la habilidad de tu cuerpo para recordar invasiones pasadas, promoviendo eficacia y salud dentro del sistema inmunitario.
    • Educa las células inmunitarias inexpertas acerca del peligro potencial o actual en tu cuerpo y provee un plan de acción.
    • Aumenta la habilidad de reconocer una amenaza a la salud.
    • Promueve el equilibrio en el sistema inmunitario.
    Este es un producto único porque:

    • Los factores de transferencia son moléculas diminutas que transfieren información inmunitaria de una entidad a otra; por ejemplo, de una madre a su hijo al amamantarlo.
    • Estudios independientes de laboratorios indican que 4Life Transfer Factor Classic aumenta la eficacia del sistema inmunitario al aumentar la función de las células asesinas naturales con el 204%. Las células asesinas naturales están en tu primer línea de defensa.

    Supplemental Facts

    We have organized the supplemental facts for this product to help you understand the products value to you.

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